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2014. 08. 29 via Android

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I teach English and Korean -- I learn Spanish or guitar

For those who are looking for a Korean language tutor, I can teach you Korean in English. You will learn Korean in a very easy way with my special comparative linguistic approach!

Whom I'm looking for : either a native Spanish speaker or anybody who can teach me how to play the guitar.

영어회화,기초문법,고급시사영어,토익,토플 가르쳐 드립니다. 기타를 배우고 싶어요! 기타는 독학하려고 사놓고 한번도 안 배워본 왕초보입니다. 서울에서 기타를 가르쳐주고 영어를 배우고 싶으신 분이라면 Apply button을 눌러주세요!:)

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