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2014. 10. 05
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Hi :) I can teach you Korean, Photoshop, Fine art, Design // I want to learn English, Chinese, Japanese language.

Hi, I'm University student in Seoul.
My major is Graphic design, so I can teach you hand drawing and digital paining.
I can teach you Korean language, and I can guide or help your life in Seoul
I want to learn foreign language and culture.

서울 거주중인 디자인과 학생입니다.
드로잉(소묘, 수채화 등등..), 포토샵 드리고
영어회화, 리딩, 작문, 소설작문(국문, 문예창작) 받고 싶습니다 ^^
미술은 지도 경험 많이 있습니다

contact : 3_brush@naver.com

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