TEACH Piano Bookclub: I teach piano (classic, jazz, ccm, pop, etc.) / you teach English or Spanish
2014. 10. 13 via Android
seoul, bundang
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My major is Jazz piano. So I can teach jazz,pop,ccm. And I can teach the classic piano if you want!
I want to learn English. Because I'm not good at English conversation. And Spanish, too.
So, if you interest, contact me!
Only kakaotalk~~

영어도와주실분,스페인어하시는분 연락주세요
짧더라도 확실히 관리해주실분이면 좋겠어요!
저는 피아노 가르쳐드려요 처음배우시던 어느정도배우셨던 상관없고요 관심과 열정만 있으시면 저도 무조건 열심히 가르쳐드립니다 ^^!

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