TEACH Korean
2014. 12. 20
Sinchon, Hongdae, all the places in Seoul

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I can teach you Korean and I'd like to learn English


I am a Korean speaker(male) and I'm searching for a language exchange partner to study with.
Now, I live in Sinchon. I want a person who is serious about
learning Korean because I am about English. I hope we can be good friends as well and hang out often.

I am thinking we'll split our time into two parts where we speak only English and Korean each
Those are what I am interested in, if this helps you to decide

Sports, Movies, Food, Travel, Read, Business, Art, Hiking, Games, and pretty much everything

If you'd be interested, feel free to contact me by an email (new1726@naver.com)
Or you can send me a message via Kakao (ID: new1726)

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