TEACH Korean LEARN Health Exercise
2015. 03. 14 via iPhone
강남, 홍대, 신림, 서울대, 사당, 구디단
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  • Curriculum for 12 weeks

    기초부터 중고급까지 가능해요~

    굿모닝팝스를 이용한 영어회화 가르쳐 드려요~

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    영어공부는 꾸준히 해오고 있고 학원에서 가르친 경력도 있습니다~
    배우는데 적극적이며 빠르게 익힙니다


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I'd like to teach Korean, can you teach me sports or arts?

I volunteered Korean lecture in Cambodia :)
I'd like to teach Korean for you ~
I'm a very active person and like to learn new things~
can you teach me sports or arts for me?
Thank you :D

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