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2015. 04. 06
Skype, Kakaotalk,

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Japanese, Korean for you / Other languages for me

Hello. I'm a korean girl and I majored in Japanese and Trade(I'm undergraduate)
If you're not japanese or korean, I could help you with these two languages.

After I graduate my univ in last Feb, I'm planning to study on sustanable development in Thailand(now I'm in Korea)
I'd love to learn the world around you including languages, cultures, history, people, etc.

Thanks to our well-developed technology, we can talk on Skype and many messengers even though we live too far away to meet each other now:D

I love reading, writing, singing, dancing, drinking, traveling, and many things.
I learn languages to make my world wider but I also believe languages are not the only purpose for our meeting. We will be able to share our world;D

Plz feel free to let me know what you are interested in and say Hi to me!

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