TEACH English LEARN Chinese
2015. 07. 19
용산 강남 신촌
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  • Age Group

    25 - 29

  • Curriculum for 8 weeks

    문법 독해 회화


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영어 초/중급자 가르쳐드릴 수 있어요.
저는 중국어 생초보예요!

Hello, my name is Eunhyoung.
I can teach you English or Korean.
Please teach me Chinese! :)
I am a Chinese beginner and have big interest of Chinese culture. We can share a lot of interesting topics about China together! :)

Also, I have studied Russian for about 1year when I was in Kzakhsatan. Now, since I hadn't spoken it for a long time, I forgot a lot. However, I still love Russian language and want to study it again!!!

Pls do not hesitate to contact meeee!!

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