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2015. 10. 15 via Android
se-jong & gong-ju & a-san & dae-jeon (I live in sejong.공주.아산.대전 가능해요)
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    I have been teaching the piano for 7 years. I run my own music school 3 years ago. I moved my place. , I want to meet with female. I'm a woman.


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I majored composition in university. And I ran my music academy 3 years ago. I have been teaching for 7 years. I hope I learn English. My cacao id is musique33. Musique means music in france. I want to learn with female teacher. I'm 29.woman.and I got married.Thank u :)

한국인분도 연락주셔두 되요^^ 영어회화배우고싶어요!

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