TEACH Guitar LEARN Clarinet
2015. 11. 22
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  • Age Group

    30 - 34

  • Curriculum for 8 weeks

    01. Basic Finger Training(continually) / Music Theory
    02. Chord Theory & Training : 'E'major / Training
    03. Chord Theory / Training(with practice song)
    04. Chord Training Methods & Right Hands Control
    05. Chord Theory & Training : 'A', 'D'major(with practice song)
    06. Chord Theory & Training : 'G', 'C'major(with practice song)
    07. Chord Theory & Training : 'C', 'F'major(with practice song)
    08. Minor & Major7 Chords Theory
    09. Training the Minor & Major7 Chords
    10. Barre(=Bar, Ceja, High) Chords Theory
    11. Barre Chords Training
    12. Reviewing the Whole Curriculum


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클라리넷 / 웹디자인 배우고 싶습니다.

어쿠스틱 기타 초/중급자 레슨까지 가능합니다

You can teach me the Clarinet or Web Design prgms.

I have some experience teaching the Acoustic Guitar lesson for beginners / intermediates (in English also)

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