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South - jukjeon to gangnam, central - apgujeong to yaksu
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  • Curriculum for 12 weeks

    presentation preparation (which i will assess) for which you have to memorise pre examined, co written content for 10-15 minutes per topic, following which there is time for discussion after a few weeks spent preparing. time per topic:3-5 weeks, 2-4 topics covered in quarter to varying levels of detail including complex grammar (IT <grammar> IS HOW IT IS AND WILL STICK BETTER IF YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ALLOWING CONSTRUCTS TO EXIST ON A BASIS OF RECOGNITION THAN DETAILED UNDERSTANDING - THIS IS HOW KIDS LEARN TO READ AND SPEAK).

    memorising things is how kids learn right, so dont take things off the bat of complex speakers suggesting memorisation only facilitates regurgitation because thats what they used to do as an adolescent without question and continue to do til they lose their minds. memorising then forgetting will embed grammatical complexities into your head, quicker ofcourse if you are capable of accepting things for what they are.

    multiple constructions covered in short period using fluent prose as a basis than attempted digestion of short, rigid examples out of a book. confusion can be rectified by the use of the Raymond, Cambridge, English Grammar in Use intermediate, third edition (unless you have a revised edition you would rather bring).

    reading list can be compiled.

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    London educated, Londoner since age of 2, in korea til september.
    was at uni, changed course.


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English tuition for cheap

we will transpose my vernacular onto your current methods and capabilities.
check my profile here for contact and a basic outline of the 'syllabus'.

-NOT an exchange. tuition offered-

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