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2016. 01. 08 via iPhone
건대, 종로
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  • Curriculum for 12 weeks

    I'm learning visual design. I really like drawing, especially cute and simple things. Or if you want to learn photoshop or illustration computer, I can also teach you. Of course I can teach Korean as well.

    I want to learn english speaking. I can speak English a little bit as much as other korean 20's can. But not fruently. and I want to make friends too.


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영어로 프리토킹하실분 or language exchange 하실분 구해요:)

영어회화에 관심이 많아 함께 토픽을 가지고 부담없이 프리토킹하실분 구하고있어요. 제 영어 실력은 upper waystage정도구요, (저도 잘하는건 아니지만 상대방도 어느정도는 기본이상이었으면 좋겠습니다. 서로에게 도움이 되기위해서요.) 장소는 건대, 고대, 종로 근처에 스터디룸이나 카페에서 일주일에 1-2회 정도 정기적으로 하실분이셨으면 좋겠어요. 저와 니즈가 같으신분 있으시다면 언제든 편하게 연락주세요. ^.^

Or if there is someone who want languge exchange, (your English, my Korean) feel free to contact me. I have several experiences to do this, so maybe we can be a good partner.

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