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2016. 01. 29 via iPhone.
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  • Job

    Business Owner

  • Age Group

    30 - 34

  • Curriculum for 8 weeks

    i can teach you from basic to advance level. anything you want, i can teach you vocabularies, basic phrases, expressions,grammar, everything. we can also do free talking if you want. i can help you improve your listening and speaking skills. im not a native speaker,but im fluent in english. i have a lot of experiences teaching english to koreans,japanese and chinese students. from 4 years old up to 40 years and above ^^

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    안녕하세요~ 전리버티라고해요. 영어선생이에요. 만나서반가워요^^


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그냥 도와주고싶고 친구를 갖고싶어요. 관심이 있으면 연락해요. 카톡아이디 : libertycruz

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