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2016. 04. 29
Korea, Cheonan, kakaotalk, e-mail
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I'm Korean. so I can teach you anything about Korea.
but! my english level Zero. so, if you want this crosslesson, 'we' study really hard.
I don't care your korean level. but, you really want to learn Korean.
I want you to correct my english speak, write, etc.
And I will. I think it's best way to learn language.

This crosslesson use kakaotalk or e-mail.
kakaotalk voice message is good to listening, speak.
If we live in the same city, we will meet, maybe? someday?

I'm 25, Brista-just start-,
I love movie, actors,
and.. 'my someday', I play the piano and write screenplay.

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