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2016. 05. 07 via Android
신촌 홍대
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    신촌살고 있고 현재 공무원으로 직장생활하는 남자입니다 일본어 영어 관심이 많아 틈틈이 공부하는데 잘되질 않네요 같이 한국어 공부하는분들 서로 도우며 공부하면 좋겠어요~


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Im korean guy and im living in Sinchon in seoul
Im currently working as public officer in seoul ~ and sometimes over to japan including eu etc~ when i get holiday
So Im interested in learning to Japanese language and culture but its hard for me to study myself ㅠ
I didnt get korea lecture but i can help anything about korea if u want learn korea
~~~^^ and i will be good friend
Dont hesitate contact ~~
Kakao id = kj7480

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