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2016. 07. 05
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    Business Owner

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    35 - 39

  • Curriculum for 8 weeks


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    now I'm working on studio about fashion things (products, cloths shoes...) that means I can teach about fashion and photography also editing too. I really want to learn chinese so bad.
    I think it doesn't matter if I can make some foreign friend whoever or whereever.


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I'm a professional photographer who is working on fashion studio now.
that means I can teach about fashion and photography.
there is lot of things I want to learn! mostly languages(chinese, japanese, english)and I can talk in english, I've been hawaii for 2years and I've done traveling all around world for 2years, but my english is not perfect so I need to improve my english skill.
I really love to make new friends, especially foreigners so please be my guest.

my kakao id is sunghakim
feel free to talk to me

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