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2016. 08. 30 via iPhone
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    가요 세션및 개인밴드활동 및
    드라마음악 뮤지컬 등


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Hi !
I am looking for someone who can teach me English and French!
I don't want to learn only basic conversation.
Becuase I have alot of forigner friendsㅠㅠ So I want to speak english perfectly.I don't speak english well enough.
I want to meet someone who already made a curriculum.

I can teach u piano or Korean .
I graduated univ jazz perfomance piano and I am writing thesis thesedays.
And Also I am working .
Piano teacher and arrangement and composer and player.
I can give my profile and my student's video.

Ah ! I live in sinchon!

Please contact me :)
E-mail =dud8739@hanmail.net

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