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2017. 08. 17 via Android
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  • Job

    Grad Student

  • Age Group

    30 - 34

  • Curriculum for 8 weeks

    Hello, i'm french-korean.

    I'm looking for a friend to exchange with my talent!
    Actually i hope to improve my english(British) and i learn play the piano or violin.
    But if you have some good proposition, i'd like to meet and talk with peoples.
    So no worries and contact me if you are intersting about my profil.

    If you want to learn something from me, i can help you and i can teach you ! ( i teached my friends a lot of time for french and korean now i have some personal student who wants to learn the languages and the art )

    Let's share ours talentes together!

    Language disponible : English / French / Korean

    Kakao : jayeonshin

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Piano / Violin / British English / Korean traditional instruments
I need to improve my English for my specialty and i like tge music, so i hope play the instrument !

I can teach you all level about French / Korean, and Art !
I drow for long times, specifically in art, i can help you the illustions if you wants !

Contact me !
Kakao : jayeonshin
Mail : nature.jayeon@gmail.com

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