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2017. 09. 05 via Android.
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    저는 초등학교에서 2년, 중학교에서 2년, 고등학교에서 7년 넘게 영어교사 경력이 있습니다. 자원봉사로 영한 번역, 통역, 한국어교사를 수년간 했습니다. 쓸데가 있어서 토익,토익스피킹/라이팅,토플시험 봐 봤고 다 필요한 점수 나왔습니다.^^ 저에게는 아이가 있어서 재능교환시 아이동반이 가능했으면 좋겠습니다.


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My Korean - Your cooking/English/yoga/playdate/piano/flute. I was a volunteer Korean teacher for foreigners for years and now I am a part-timer as an English teacher in a school. Well, we can exchange languages if you are a foreigner or a 교포. I am also interested in kids' playdate if you have kids. I can teach Korean instruments such as Jang-gu and I'd also like to learn to cook, do yoga, and play the piano/flute. You don't have to be an expert. Let's have fun! ;)

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