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2018. 08. 20 via Android.
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  • Age Group

    35 - 39

  • Curriculum for 12 weeks

    토익혹은 배움의 기회를 놓치신 분애 맞춰 책을 선택 후 책 1권은 마칠 수 있습니다. 학원에서 과정에 맞춰 진도나가는게 제 일이었으니까요~

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    토익975 텝스 1등급
    중학생강사 5년


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I'm a native Korean speaker and I really want to sharpen my English. I feel my writing and speaking are so formal. I want to make it corlorful and fun. I can teach Korean whatever level you want to learn-from beginers to intermediates.

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