TEACH Programming LEARN Skateboard
2018. 10. 27
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  • Age Group

    30 - 34

  • Curriculum for 8 weeks

    (The C Programming Language 책의 contents 를 많이 따릅니다.)
    1. 프로그래밍 언어 실행환경 설치 및 강의 진행 설명 / Hello world 프로그램
    2. Types, Operators, and Expressions
    3. Control Flow
    4. Functions and Program Structure
    5. Pointers and Arrays
    6. Structures
    7. linux 환경 / 메모리에 대한 간단 개념

  • Bio

    네이버 개발자 2년차
    하둡 클러스터 운영 중
    DEVIEW 발표: https://deview.kr/2017/schedule/193

  • A useful website or mobile app only I know

    naver.com google.com


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I can teach:

- basic c / python / javascript programming language
- not deep linux environment including shell scripting
- server programming using nodejs

I want to learn:

- english: because I want to speak English fluently. Recently, I read a lot of english technical articles but scarcely listen, speak English.
- skateboard: After seeing Hyojoo Ko's skateboarding, I want to learn skateboarding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuCv9DV2Nbc

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