TEACH English LEARN Korean
2019. 01. 12 via iPhone
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  • Job

    College Student

  • Age Group

    20 - 24

  • Curriculum for 8 weeks

    Teach english to those who wants to improve there speaking

    Someone to teach me korean

    Make friends with different nice people

  • Bio

    Hello :> i Want to learn korean i am fluent to english language and i can teach you from the beginning level , i can be a good friend as well im a senior student , i know that im still high school but i have enough knowledge and im sure that you will learn a lot from me .

  • A useful website or mobile app only I know

    Google , all communication apps of course


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Hello there ;-) I want to learn korean language and make friends with you guys so its a pleasure for me if you help me to be fluent in korean language. I can also help you improve your english in a beginner level

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