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2014. 05. 29 via Android.
Jamsil, Kunkuk univ, Gangnam
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I teach English n I learn computer design

I would like to exchange our talent. I can teach a spoken english, Toeic n grammar. In exchage for that I would like to learn how to build a web page, computer design. That is my priority.

However, u can contact me with other interesting offer. I am all yours. Have an awesome day n really looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

영어로 컴퓨터 디자인 배우고 싶습니다. (건대,구의, 잠실과 강남). 그외에 다른 흥미로운 제안(스페인어, 발성등)도 고려 사항입니다.

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