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We all want to learn something.

We grow with learning. It pushes the frontier of possibility to where we have not imagined. Learning leads us to find our personal legend. Yes, learning inspires us.

You already have something to share with others.

We know you can speak pretty good Korean. You can play the Piano. Or perhaps you know how to build a responsive website. A seemingly useless knowledge of yours can actually turn into a ton of treasure to someone else.

We believe exchange-lesson is the right way of learning.

We believe learning cannot and shall not be priced. Being priced, it becomes a commodity offered to anybody. When exchanged, its value grows as the understanding gets deeper.

Let's expand a community where we can inspire and get inspired!

Technology provides an unprecedented opportunity for us to share and learn in global scale. Do Crosslesson and join in building a global community where we can inspire and get inspired!

Join us today!

Get easy. Just do click "Propose" button above. All has begun with a small lesson.

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